Since 2001SA - Soluções em Automação, S.A.

About us

SA Automation was founded in 2001 by a team of highly experienced professionals in the industrial automation industry. Having started almost totally dedicated to supplying turn-key automation solutions for structural ceramic production plants, we have since then diversified into several other markets including facility management, stage engineering, energy and production management.

We have partnered with most top tier technology providers in the industrial automation market space in order to benefit from most reliable and advanced technologies as well as to ensure that no matter which country our customer is located at, he can always count on local support.

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SA - Soluções em Automação, S.A.

Why work with SA?

We are convinced that the success in any organization highly relies on its competitiveness. In the current context, this means ability to innovate and reinvent with the aim of always offering the customer best of breed solutions for each specific requirement he may have.

For us a key-point for a successful project is controlling all the phases of its life-cycle. That is why we have an organization in place that can deliver turn-key solutions from design, construction, installation, commissioning to after sales support.

SA Automation is ISO 9001 certified since 2004. This certification demonstrates the company's focus on insuring quality and conformity with international standards across the full life-cycle of any project.

SA - Soluções em Automação, S.A.


ISO9001SA - Soluções em Automação, S.A.